The Pilot Center

Who we are

A group of inspired by airplanes and race cars friends, decided to give people a unique opportunity for fun! A different experience based on three simulators: the F1, the F16 and the Airbus 320.

Following the success of the flight simulation centers all over the world, The Pilot Center in Athens was established to offer the opportunity to the general public to access the cockpit of an airliner, a fighter jet and of a Formula 1 race car. Feel the thrill to take the commands on your hands and make a dream come true. No experience is required, just the desire for a new challenge!

The Pilot Center has professional instructor pilots that will be acting as your co-pilots and guide you prior and during your flights.

The Airbus 320 flight simulator is an exact replica of the actual planes used by the airlines with fully-functional controls and instruments. It provides an authentic and immersive flying experience that’s as close as it gets to the real thing! It’s even preferred by airlines for professional pilot training!

The Falcon F-16 block 52 fighter jet simulator has landed and is available to the general public. All the functions of the real F-16, such as Mach speed, firing, diving, twisting and turning … are available.

The Formula 1 race car is an exact replica of an original racing car and it comes with a full motion platform as well as a steering wheel with force feedback giving the driver all the G forces that he or she can handle.

Your Experience at the Pilot Center

Ready to take off?

Offer yourself or your loved ones
a Flight Simulator Voucher!

The Vouchers are open date tickets, redeemable within 6 months. They include a 40-minute session and one adult boarding pass ticket. You can bring up to 3 additional friends to watch you fly.

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