Our fixed base Airbus 320 simulator is an ideal option for airline interview preparation or for screening preparation.

Preparation for Airline interview:

We offer specialized preparation sessions designed to assist pilots prepare for airline simulator assessments in our A320 flight simulator. We have qualified instructors who can walk you through airline-specific simulator assessment profiles and assist with the techniques necessary to prepare you for that important career move.

Screening preparation:

We have a team of professionals at your disposal. The sessions will be adapted and tailor-made according to your specific needs.

Our closed cockpit Airbus 320 is very realistic with Flight physics reflecting the behavior of real aircraft. We have a 220 degrees visualization.

Some of our offerings:
  •  Approaches to difficult airports
  •  Approaches in difficult weather conditions
  •  ILS to visual approach
  •  A wide variety of possible system failures and engine failures
  •  ECAM handling
  •  Cockpit communication
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