Get your Dose Of Adrenaline. Become A Fighter Jet Pilot!

The Pilot Center has a Fighting Falcon F-16 aircraft simulator that features almost all functions of a real aircraft so you can experience first hand what it feels like to be a professional military pilot. The simulator makes it possible to reproduce some of the most dangerous missions and turn you around!

After a short briefing by our instructor, you are ready! Choose your mission and board your simulator. Side-stick in one hand, throttle in the other: ready to take off! Our instructor will remain present throughout the flight to guide you during your missions. Experience the thrill of aerial maneuvers at Mach 2 (2450 km/hour) and air-to-air combat in an authentic military flight simulator.

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What to expect on our F-16 Flight simulator:

The sessions we provide are suitable for both beginners, kids above 12 years old but also more experienced pilots. The experience is supervised by a trained simulator instructor and is a great way to gain insights into how it feels and what is required to fly a commercial aircraft

  • Cockpit replica similar to the real F-16 cockpit
  • 180-degree view providing day and night faithful representation of airports, terrain and weather conditions.
  • Practice the basics of the take-off and landing procedures guided by our professional instructor
  • Listen to the specific sounds produced by the cockpit, e.g. Engines on/off, gear down, activation of various systems such as hydraulic, electric, flight rudders, acceleration or deceleration of speed etc.
  • Real-life controls include the steering yoke/stick, throttle, pedals, landing gear, speed brakes and flaps.
  • Real life working displays include Primary flight display, Navigation display, Engine display and systems display.
  • Weapon systems.

Multitude of missions:

  • Air to Air Combat
  • Air to Ground Attack
  • Aircraft Carrier Landings
  • Air to Air Refueling
  • Reconnaissance Flights
  • Close air support
  • Aerobatics

It was simply great, the pilot instructor was at the top (gun)... adorable, kind, patient!!!! The Simulator is very reliable and very close to reality, we don't see time pass

by Rémy Auzias

F-16 Flight simulator

40 minutes (10' briefing, 30' flying)

F-16 Flight simulator

60 minutes (10' briefing, 50' flying)

The flight experience:

Book your seat via our site or by phone

Upon arrival you will be greeted by your flight instructor

No prior experience is necessary. Based on your level of knowledge, you will learn the basic operations of the F-16 and the most important flight instruments. You will then select a scenario for take off (air fight, dangerous take-off and landings, launching missiles against enemy installations, low flying to avoid enemy radar and many more)
Our flight instructor will be by your side during your flight but you are alone in the jet because you are the pilot.

Together with the instructor you decide on the weather and the day/night option and then you take off. You are now airborne, and you can start enjoying the up to Mach 2 speed, aerobatics, missiles firing against the enemy.

We would love to hear about your experience overall and take some pictures together!

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