Fear of Flying Course

Are you nervous about flying?

Your fear of flying prevents you from traveling and slows you down in your professional and personal life?

The Pilot Center has set up a training course against fear of flight in a unique and proven way! This course is available on a 1 to1 basis.

The Fear of Flying Course is an individual internship, supervised by a psychologist and a professional pilot. The course, centered on flying in our realistic airliner simulator, will be adapted to your fear to better answer it!

The goal is to explain in great detail what is happening behind the cockpit door and to give you the keys and landmarks needed to face and conquer your fear. The sessions, with a total duration of 6 hours, will be done over a period of 3-6 days.

Based on international statistics, over 90% of trainees in similar centers abroad are able to fly again!

Sessions with a total duration of 6 hours, over the course of 3-6 days:

1st  hourly session. Discussions with a qualified psychologist to evaluate the subject and the specifics of each individual. With this information, the program is personalized and responds exactly to your concerns.

2nd  hourly session. Discussions with a professional pilot on aviation issues (how an aircraft flies, safety, weather, etc.).

3rd  half hour session. Discussions with the same pilot in the Airbus 320 simulator and detailed explanation of the aircraft instruments.

4th hourly session. A flight inside the simulator in good weather with the individual sitting in the passenger seat.

5th hourly session. A flight inside the simulator under good weather conditions with the individual in the captain seat and our pilot acting as a co-pilot. The flight will include all stages of an actual flight (flight plan preparation, taxiing, take-off, landing ..).

6th hourly session. A flight inside the simulator under bad weather conditions and with some malfunctions during the flight. The purpose is to emphasize that modern aircraft are the safest means of transport.

7th half hour session. Discussions with the same psychologist about the conclusions of the sessions.

The above program is the basic course of action which is adapted and modified according to the needs of each individual.

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