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Dear friends, we would like to inform you that we have disinfected our premises in order to protect our staff and clients. Our simulators’ rooms have already been equipped with antiseptics outside the rooms so our clients and our instructor pilots can clean their hands before entering and after they exit (the simulators). Masks and gloves are also mandatory for our staff and we would advise our clients to use them as well. During the day, our personnel will be cleaning the premises between the bookings and in no way will we allow more than six people at any one time within our 280 sqm office space. For as long necessary, we will apply strict hygienic rules for the protection of all people coming to use our simulators.
Who we are


Following the success of the flight simulation centers all over the world, The Pilot Center in Athens was established to offer the opportunity to the general public to access the cockpit of an airliner, a fighter jet and of a Formula 1 race car. Feel the thrill to take the commands on your hands and make a dream come true. No experience is required, just the desire for a new challenge!

The Pilot Center has professional instructor pilots that will be acting as your co-pilots and guide you prior and during your flights.

Our Simulators

Pilot Center has three simulators for people to choose from: Falcon F16, Airbus 320 and F1. Depending on the expertise of each visitor, we can adjust the simulation experience. Prior and during your flights you will be accompanied by our professional instructor pilot. If you wish to be a visitor only, you can stay and watch your friends flying from our large screen. Pilot Center invites all of you, men, women and kids aged 12+ to come fly with us and make a childhood dream come true!

Our Services

If you are a professional pilot or intend to become one and you wish to practice, Pilot Center is the place to be. If you are scared of flying, we offer specific trainings to help you overcome your fear. In addition, our center is suitable for company and school events up to 45 people.

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frequently asked questions

Absolutely not, the sessions are tailored to suit the level of knowledge and experience you have.

Yes. You will get to be the Captain and the instructor will be your first officer. The instructor will assist you by giving advice while you are flying.

Our simulator is a 1-1 replica of an Airbus A320. All panels, on-board instruments and pilots’ seats are exactly like those of a real airplane. The cockpit layout and the audiovisual system make the flight extremely realistic.

Yes you will. Our instructors will tailor the briefing and flight to suit your level of expertise, whether you are completely inexperienced, a pilot-to be or already a professional.

On the Airbus 320, each session is conducted one on one but you can bring along up to 3 friends to watch during the flight. On the F16 simulator, you can again have up to 2 friends, while the F1 is in an open space.

Besides the F1, the F16 and Airbus 320 simulators are on a fixed base. However, due to the fact that they are both in a closed compartment and the surrounding screen is large, your ears will trick you into thinking that you are actually flying.



It was simply great, the pilot instructor was at the top (gun)... adorable, kind, patient!!!! The Simulator is very reliable and very close to reality, we don't see time pass

Rémy Auzias

Great experience! Very warm welcome! The instructor is very professional and friendly. Sensations are identical to a real flight. This is really great. Thanks to the whole team and see you very soon because I really liked it very much

Stéphane Alexis

It was magical, it was splendid and still ten times more when you're passionate!!! ✈️✈️✈️!!! The pilot  is listening to you and  made my flight  more than perfect!!!

Benjamin Thein

I wasn't taking the plane for 14 years, after having made a big panic attack on a plane trip. The course done really allowed me to unlock this phobia that had become uncontrollable!


Great experience. We renew very very quickly with a longer session because we could t get enough!! Very nice instructor with whom we have a good time and who told us just what it takes to understand what to do.

Eloïse Schneider
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