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Frequent questions

Do I need any flying experience?
Absolutely not, the sessions are tailored to suit the level of knowledge and experience you have.
Will I be able to “fly”?
Yes. You are the Captain and the instructor will be your first-officer. The instructor will assist you by guiding you step by step.
How realistic is the flight simulator?
All of our simulators are on a 1 to 1 scale with the real planes/race car. All panels, on-board instruments and pilot’s seats look and act exactly like the real ones. The cockpit layout and the audiovisual system (5m wide screen) make the flight extremely realistic. Even professional pilots get immersed and think that they are actually flying.
Will I be able to understand everything?
Yes you will. Our instructors will tailor the briefing and the flight to suit your skill level. We can cater from the completely inexperienced right through to professional pilots.
The simulation sessions are individual or for groups?
Every simulation session is individually based. You can bring along up to 3 friends/relatives to watch you.
Do the simulators have motion?
Our flight simulators are fixed base. However, due to their advanced audiovisual system and to the fact that they are placed in a closed environment, you will feel as if you are actually flying. The Formula 1 simulator has motion.
Is the information I supply online, secure?
Yes, our process is protected behind a 128 bit secure SSL, secure connection.
Can I make a video of my session?
Yes, you can take as many photos or videos you like during the simulation.
Can I upgrade to a longer flight than the one stated on my gift card?
Yes, when booking a flight date you can upgrade by paying the difference between the value of the gift card and the price of the longer flight.
When I order a gift card online, how will I get it?
You will receive the gift card by e-mail. The gift card mentions the package which has been purchased.
How do I book a flight?
Contact us by phone or send us a booking request form though our site and we will contact you.
Do the gift cards expire?
The gift cards expire 6 months after purchase
Do I need to make a booking?
Due to the nature of the service, you need to make an advance booking.
What is the minimum age for customers?
Our recommended minimum age is 12 years old and the minimum height 1,40m. All Minors need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
When is The Pilot Center open?
We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm. For professional pilots and/or events, the timings may differ.

Price list

Airbus A320
Flight simulator

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Falcon F-16
Flight simulator

From 49€
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Formula 1
F1 simulator

From 20€
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Gift certificates
Offer an unforgettable experience!

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    Left with unanswered questions?

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