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Be The Captain of an Airbus 320

Experience what is like to pilot a commercial airliner. FEEL what is like to take control of a commercial airliner in our Airbus 320 flight simulator. No flight experience is required. During our 40-minute Flight session, the instructor pilot will give you a 10 minute pre-flight briefing. You will then take-off, fly a short itinerary and land at your destination airport. Depending on your level of expertise, more advanced sessions an be provided upon request

What to expect on our fixed based A320 Flight simulator:

The sessions we provide are suitable for both beginners, kids above 12 years old but also more experienced pilots. The experience is supervised by a trained simulator instructor and is a great way to gain insights into how it feels and what is required to fly a commercial aircraft.

  • A pilot instructor will give you a first interactive session on the simulator so you can learn the basics of the instruments and the operation of the A320
  • A pilot instructor will be by your side during the flight.
  • Together, you will practice the basics of the take-off and landing procedures.
  • You can choose from various destinations around the world
  • Try different times of day and weather conditions.
  • You will have a vision of the outside scenery on a 220° hemispherical 5m wide screen
  • Realistic airports with all the markings and lightings will be shown in front of you
  • We have even simulated specific sounds produced by the cockpit, e.g. engines on/off, gear down, activation of various systems such as hydraulic, electric, flight rudders, acceleration or deceleration of speed etc.
  • Real-life controls include the steering yoke/stick, throttle, pedals, landing gear, speed brakes and flaps.
  • Real life working displays include Primary flight display, Navigation display, Engine display and systems display.
  • The cockpit can sit up to 3 additional passengers (free of charge).

A320 Flight simulator

40 minutes (10' briefing, 30' flying)

A320 Flight simulator

60 minutes (10' briefing, 50' flying)

The flight experience:

Book your seat via our site or by phone

On the day of your flight, upon arrival present your voucher at the front counter. You’ll be checked-in and introduced to your co-pilot.

Our flight instructor who will be your First Officer will show you the basics and how the instruments in the cockpit works and then assess your level of expertise. Together, you will then choose your flight options and destinations. As the Captain, you will sit in the front left-hand seat while your first office sits on the right-hand side. Do not forget to take permission from Air Traffic Control. Finally, advance the thrust levers and the aircraft hurtles down the runway.

Your co-pilot calls out ‘rotate’ and you pull the control column back towards you and the nose wheel lifts off the runway…You’re airborne, and you can start to relax and appreciate the stunningly realistic scenery.

We would love to hear about your experience overall and take some pictures together!

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